Jekabpils and Krustspils Residents and Occupations

Jekabpils and Krustspils are twin cities divided by the Dvina river. Jekabpils was in Courland and Krustspils in Vitebsk Province.The left bank-west- is Jekabpils. The right-east-is Krustspils.The numbers correspond to numbers on a map which we have sectioned for easier access. I owe a debt of gratitude to John Berman who has helped me get this map online. Below in the table of names you will find links to numbers on the small map sections. The whole map has been reproduced on a separate page as it takes a long time to download.
Complete Map (this is large and will take some time to download)

These recollections of residents (especially Shimon Binder now in Israel )were compiled by Elena Senavska with other members of the the community and their Chairman Eli Goldfrid in 1997. I have left it in the original form in which it was transcribed. There are spelling variations depending on the transcriber and names are omitted where they could not remember them.




Krustpils - East Bank
Krustpils Residents and Occupations



Jekabpils - West Bank
Jekabpils Residents and Occupations

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