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łża (Drildz), Poland
Drildzer Congregation and Society of Toronto

The Drildzer Congregation and Society was founded in Toronto in 1934 and remains an active and vital organiation to this day.

Many of its 150 current members are the children and grandchildren of men and women who emigrated to Toronto from Ilza in the first quarter of the last century.

The group meets in a building that they own on Wilson Avenue in Toronto.  They meet four times a year, starting with services, then breakfast and a meeting.

Annual picnics and formal "bunkets" (banquets) are part of the Drildzer tradition.   A 75th Anniversary Banquet, held on May 31st, 2009, was attended by over 125 members and their families.

The Society maintains a burial plot at the Dawes Road Cemetery in Toronto. 

Click here to visit the web site of the Drildzer Congregation and Society of Toronto (under construction).

75th Jubilee Banquet

Drildzer Banquet - Banner

On May 31st, 2009, a 75th Jubilee Banquet was held at Pride Of Israel Synagogue in Toronto.
It was attended by ovr 125 members and their families.

Dildzer Banquet - Candle Lighting

Candles were lit by current members in memory of their mothers and fathers,
the 11 original founding members.

Drildzer Banquet - Sadie Sobel

A special presentation was made by Burney Bongard, current President,
to Sadie Sobel, a founding member of the Ladies' Auxiliary.

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