Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

War Relief for the Jewish Population

Gorzd native Michael Suisman, in Hartford Connecticut, gave this pledge for the relief of the Jewish population:

Hartford, Conn.___________191_

I herewith pledge myself to give 10,000 roubles (ten thousand) for the Jewish War Sufferers' Fund, with the understanding that this sum is to be held in trust by the Hartford Trust Co., in the City of Hartford, until the aforesaid money can be used for the relief of the Jewish population of the city of Gorsd, in the province of Kovno, in the county of Telz, Lithuania, subject to the call of the Jewish War Relief Committee of Hartford, when said Committee can give assurance that they can carry out the terms of the above agreement.

Michael Suisman

Rabbi H.W. Ettelson,


Photograph from Michael Suisman, Edward A. Suisman - On the occasion of his eightieth birthday (West Hartford, CT., 1982), page 8.
Copyright 1982 by Michael Suisman

Photograph provided courtesy of Michael Suisman (1928-2016)

Note: For further information about Michael Suisman (1873 - 1921), see Rabbi Morris Silverman, Hartford Jews 1659-1970, Connecticut Historical Society 1970, 72-132408, p. 279.

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