Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

HaMelitz No. 63
March 16 (28), 1895

We congratulate Saul Chatzkelson on his marriage to his contemporary Sarah Oshry on the 18th of February and in commemoration we have contributed for the benefit of the workers in the Holy Land* according to receipt 3/463: Dov Zusmanovitz, 50 kopeks; Shlomo Zelig Katz and Eliezer Volfovitz, each 25 kopeks; Shlomo and Aaron and Zvi Zusmanovitz, Shimon Zev Shtorch, Yehuda Chasidovitz, Yosef Porat, Elazar Mendelovitz, and Hillel Ziv, 18 kopeks each - for a total of 2.62 rubles. I also received from Yaakov Chatzkelson and his son, the bridegroom Saul, 78 kopeks according to receipt 4/643.

The authorized one, Yechezkel Zusmanovitz in Gorzd

*Several of the HaMelitz articles contain the abbreviation l'to'ha'p'. The notice in the issue for August 24 (September 5), 1893 spells out l'tovat ha-poalim, "for the benefit of the workers [or for the benefit of those who labor]" in the Holy Land, which indicates this is likely the meaning of the abbreviation in the present article as well.

Translation by Barry Marks

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