Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

HaMelitz No. 192
August 24 (September 5), 1893

Mazel Tov

Blessings of "mazel tov" to Mordecai Luntz of Shavel and his contemporary Yudetta Freidberg from Kovno on their marriage. In commemoration we have contributed 50 kopeks according to receipt 3/550 for the benefit of the workers in the Holy Land.*

Gorzd --------- Yechezkel Zusmanovitz and his wife Tema

*Several of the HaMelitz articles contain the abbreviation l'to'ha'p'. This notice spells out l'tovat ha-poalim, "for the benefit of the workers [or for the benefit of those who labor]" in the Holy Land, which indicates this is likely the meaning of the abbreviation in the other articles as well.

Translation by Barry Marks

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