Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

HaMelitz No. 120
St. Petersburg - May 30 (June 12), 1903

    Rabbi A. S. Shapira- 50 kopeks; Isaac Levinsohn, Menachem Kotisker, the wise one* Baruch Yaffe, Joseph Verbelov, Samuel David Zilberg   - 50 kopeks each; Samuel Traub from Avshan, 40 kopeks; Dov Hakohen Boruchov, Yechezkel Zusmanovitz, Aryeh Hellig, Saul Chatzkelsohn, Asher Yaffe, Shraga Yafshitz -36 kopeks each; Baruch Aryeh Zusmanovitz, Zelig Yankelovitz, H.A. Shalman, Zvi Aryeh Schauss, Pinchas Reznik from Tavrig -30 kopeks each; Samuel Zusmanovitz, S.A. Uriash, Moshe Zusmanovitz, Jacob Yafshitz -25 kopeks each; Aaron Zusmanovitz, Benjamin Olshvang, Isaac Meidenbaum, Aryeh Chiruk, Hirsh Patz, Y.A. Luria, Shimon Zalkinovitz, Mordecai Uriash, A.M. Wolfowitz -20 kopeks each; Yudelman, Saul Zusmanovitz, Joshua Wiener, Joseph Patz, Menachem Shimkin, David Wolfowitz, Dov Zusmanovitz, Nachman Shatnik, Zev Shimon Shtoch, Moshe Hellig, Zvi Zalkov, Joseph Glaun, Calev Melamed, Jacob Osherovitz, Yechiel Zusmanovitz, Zussa Uriash, Yedidiah Aron -18 kopeks each; Jacob Ben-Zion Katz, Jacob Brill,  Menachem Srolovitz, Benjamin Uriash, Aryeh Fach, M. Wolfowitz, Zvi Dov Brill, G.S. Glickman, A.M. Osherovitz, Aaron Meyerovitz -15 kopeks each; by Zelig Grikst-22 kopeks. Total:16.70.

    And in the Women's Gallery by the young women, Miriam and Hinda Zusmanovitz: the rebbitzen -15 kopeks; Elka Devora Zusmanovitz, Chaya Michelovitz, Chaya Hinda Zilberg, Tema Zusmanovitz, Leah Hellig - 50 kopeks each; Chana Rela Zusmanovitz -40 kopeks; Liba Zusmanovitz-30 kopeks; Chana Zusmanovitz, Sarah Beila Wolfowitz -25 kopeks each; Chana Zusmanovitz, Gitta Shalman-20 kopeks each; Gitta Mann, Miriam Zusmanovitz, Hinda Zusmanovitz-18 kopeks each; Sarah Leah Zusmanovitz, Shoshana Miriam Yaffe-15 kopeks each; Rivka Hellig, Liba Elka Shtoch, Waller, F. Folkovsky -10 kopeks each. Total: 6.30 rubles. **1/504

    For the nuptials of of the young lady Sarah Beila Grikst with her groom***David Wolfowitz, they contributed: the groom-54 kopeks; the bride-50 kopeks; Baruch Netanel Yaffe, Gittel Mann, Hena Broide, Batya Ligum-25 kopeks each; Isaac Leib Luria -20 kopeks for the settlement of the land of Israel; Mordecai Reuven Luria, Samuel Hilkovitz, Zalman Tzion, Elya Fil, S.Z. Fil, Bracha Yaffe, Elya David Yankelovitz, Chaya Folkovsky, Danya Marcus, Nechama Tzik, Hada Folk, Pinchas Reznik from Tavrig -20 kopeks each; the father of the groom, Menachem Flaks, Jacob Glik, Arye Grikst, Zelig Yankelovitz, A.M. Mann, the brother of the groom A.M., Benjamin Uriash, Joseph Patz, Chaim Israelovitz, Baruch Birk, Zev son of Yechiel, Zvi Patz, Hinda Zusmanovitz, Dina Birk, Yocha Uriash -18 kopeks each; Samuel Lipmanovitz, Sima Shayevitz, Esther Folk, Shayna Markovitz -15 kopeks each; Zev son of Moshe-10 kopeks. Total: 4.65 rubles for the benefit of the yishuv (Jewish community in the land of Israel).**2/504

    For the wedding of David Hellig with his bride Leah Shalman from here I collected **25/851: the groom-2 rubles, the bride and the father of the bride H.A. Shalman - 1 ruble each; Chaim Osherovitz, Mordecai Shalman from Libau, David Ackerman, David Davidov from Salant, Moshe Hellig, Arye Hellig-50 kopeks each; Zev Shimon Shtoch, Dov Hakohen Boruchov, Saul Zusmanovitz, Shraga Yavshitz, Meidenbaum, Hinda Shalman, the mother of the groom Rosa Hellig, and the undersigned -36 kopeks each; Baruch Yaffe, the rebbitzen Fruma Shapira, Tema Zusmanovitz, Rosa Traub from Avshan, Hinda Zusmanovitz, Rachel Orlansky, Chana Zusmanovitz -20 kopeks each; Jacob Glik, Menachem Shimkin, S. Aaronsohn from Telz, Yechiel Zusmanovitz, Rivka Hellig, Yeshaya Zusmanovitz, Shayna  Hellig, Alta Boruchov, Chana Yaffe, Rosa Yudkovitz, Minna Zusmanovitz, Z.A. Schauss, Shayevitz, Shatnik, M. Zusmanovitz, Shachne Ackerman -18 kopeks each.(something in Russian characters) **399/24,25

    For the wedding of A.M. Glatt from Neistadt with his bride Hena Broide from here, there was collected by his daughter Miriam and the young lady Rachel Wiener 4 rubles**3/504 for the settlement of the land of Israel, also 4 rubles for the National Fund and these are the donors: the groom, the father of the groom, Moshe Aaron Itzkovitz also 36 kopeks for the community(?), David Hellig with his wife -50 kopeks each; the brother of the groom David Leib - 1 ruble, half for the settlement of the land of Israel and half for the National Fund, the bride, the brother of the bride Moshe, Chana Yaffe, Mrs. Itzkovitz, Dov Glatt - 25 kopeks each; Zusmanovitz, Zussel Ackerman,  his brother Elya, Dr. Zaks, Rosa Traub from Avshan, Shavel Broide, Provizor Aron, Mineman-20 kopeks each; Leah Hellig, Miriam Zusmanovitz- 18 kopeks each; Olga Berelovitz, Rachel Wiener- 15 kopeks each; Anna Ackerman, Mrs. Glatt, Rivka Glatt, Etta Shlomovitz, Mrs. Glatt, Ita Hirshovitz, Devora Friedman, Pessa Glatt, Shayevitz, Balkind, Glaun, Bernstein, Zaks, Batya Broide, Gitta Ackerman-10 kopeks each.

    For the wedding of Jacob Yafshitz from Loikeve with his bride Bracha Yaffe from here, they contributed: the groom-50 kopeks, the father of the bride-1 ruble; the father of the groom, the mother of the bride, the brother of the groom Shraga, the brothers of the bride Netanel and Moshe-50 kopeks each; Yechezkel Yavshitz, Isaac Zaks, Chaim Ezrielovitz, A.M. Mann-18 kopeks each; by his daughter Miriam and the young lady Sarah Shmulovitz from the women 2.28 rubles. I received in total 7 rubles**4/504

    Netanel Yaffe when he blessed the bride Chaya Krosa Osherovitz and her groom Elya Kaplan contributed 50 kopeks **21/85

    Netanel Yaffe when he blessed the groom Zvi Patz on his marriage to  his bride Shoshana Osherovitz  contributed 50 kopeks **20/851

    With blessings of Zion I bless Jacob Yehuda Shlez and his wife Gitta on the marriage of their daughter with her groom Shimon Shlez, which took place in Pikelen and in commemoration I contributed 50 kopeks**22/851

----------Yechezkel Zusmanovitz and his wife Tema

    Moshe Friedman when he came to visit his mother Nechama and was called up for Maftir (concluding portion of Torah reading in the synagogue) contributed 50 kopeks**23/851

    When Samuel David Zilberg of Milzine brought his son into the covenant of our father Abraham and we blessed the infant who was circumcised we contributed: the father of the infant -50 kopeks; Benjamin Ackerman, Menachem Kotisker, and the undersigned -36 kopeks each; Dov Ackerman-54 kopeks, the cantor Grotiskin -18 kopeks. And I received it**24/851

    Reuven Srolovitz from Shvekshne when he was called up to the Torah and blessed Asher Yaffe contributed 1 ruble - half for the settlement of the land of Israel and half for the strengthening of the faith.

    The same also blessed with good fortune Jacob Yavshitz and his bride Bracha Yaffe and contributed 36 kopeks for the settlement of the land of Israel.

    For the wedding of David Davidov from Salant with his bride Batya Ligum from here they contributed: the groom 1 ruble; Mendelovitz from Memel 50 kopeks, the brother of the groom Isaac-36 kopeks; Yechiel son of Abraham Abba -20 kopeks; Menachem Shimkin, Saul Zusmanovitz, S.Y. Regalsky, A.M. Mann, Chaim Katz, S. Wolfowitz, the father of the groom, Rabbi (?) Gedigst, Joseph Verbelov, -18 kopeks each; the undersigned-36 kopeks; by my daughter Miriam and the young lady Rachel Wiener from the women-1.85 rubles. Total: 5.40 rubles and I received it **1/50

    For the wedding of Joseph Bloch from Kurshan with his bride Hinda Zusmanovitz they contributed through the efforts of my daughter Miriam and Dov Bloch from Kurshan: the groom-25 kopeks; Gershon Milner from Memel, the sisters Zilberg from Melzine -50 kopeks each; B. Bloch, Minna Zusmanovitz -20 kopeks each; Mrs. Rabinovitz, the sisters Zaks - 20 kopeks each; Moshe Hellig, Provizor Aron, Liba Stock- 18 kopeks each, Ida Milner from Memel, Mrs. Fesses , Chana Zusmanovitz, H. Shalman -15 kopeks each; D. Wolfowitz, S. Zusmanovitz, Rachel Wiener, Mr. Gutman, Chana Yaffe, Urias, Rivka Hellig, Chaya Bloch, Chaya Kruskal, Milner, Sarah Zusmanovitz -10 kopeks each. Total: 4.25 rubles. And I received it**4/505

----------The one authorized here in Gorzd, Yechezkel Zusmanovitz

* Hebrew abbreviation: h'ch - could mean chaver (friend or colleague), chatan (bridegroom), chazan (cantor) or chacham (wise man)

** obscure Hebrew abbreviation - seems to be referring to receipt number documenting contributions

***Hebrew im bat gilo or im ben gila (with his/her contemporary) - used throughout when referring to one's bride or groom

Translation by Barry Marks

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"Grozd" in headline may be a misprint by newspaper (in light of author's use of the traditional spelling "Gorzd" in signature line), or may represent an uncommon variant of the town name. Stieler's Hand-Atlas, 1856, 1873, 1875 (shown at David Rumsey Map Collection), 1879, and 1891 (shown at used the spelling "Grosdi." Johnston in 1861 (shown at David Rumsey Map Collection) used "Groshdi." Stieler's changed the spelling to "Gorshdy" by the time of the 1905 edition.

Stieler's Hand-Atlas, 1873
Ost-Europa, No.3

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