Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

Hamagid No. 2
Lyck, E. Prussia - January 10, 1872

Gorzd. 16th of the month of Tevet 5632.[1] The sum of 30 rubles was received, which was collected through the efforts of the illustrious rabbi from here from our generous brothers, who roused themselves (upon hearing) the cry of our brothers, in Persia, those unfortunate ones who are dying of hunger, and contributed their small freewill offering. And do not wonder that we have been late until his throat was hoarse from crying out to hasten salvation, because the groaning of those slain by hunger and the voice of the one calling out for help in his precious Maggid (name of newspaper) had not yet resonated in their ears. For only I who am honored to be one of the readers of Ha-maggid in the place of my residence have exerted myself. And now after I showed the leaves (pages of the newspaper) to the illustrious rabbi from here, he arose and roused the people that they not deny help to their brothers who are faint with hunger and that they remove from themselves the shame so as not to be, God forbid, ungrateful. And then I too did not hold back my feet from collecting the money from the contributors among the people. Would that the rest of the cities of Zamut [2] would see our example and do likewise! And may the good God send help from His holy place so that the children of Israel not be dependent upon each other. These are the words of the collector, Nathan Eliezer Ziv.

And these are the names of the contributors: The illustrious rabbi R. Moshe Yaffe 50 kopeks, the magnate [3] R. Zusman Abelman 1 ruble, the magnate R. Eliezer Akerman 1 ruble, the magnate R. Mordechai son of Rabbi Katzenellenbogen 1 ruble, the magnate R. Yehezkel Zusmanovitz 1 ruble, from the prikastsikes [4] from the magnates Vigotzker and from Seleberg from Slutzk 2 rubles, Doctor Arenzohn 1 ruble, the magnate Yitzhak Baruch Fishman 60 kopeks. Contributions of 50 kopeks: R. Yaakov Elia Katz, R. Benyamin Segal, R. Meir Broda, R. Shmuel Hellig, R. Ziskind Zusmanovitz, R. Zemach Gross, R. Heshel Visitz, R.Meir Visitz. R. Avraham Bril 40 kopeks, R. Yosef Gurek 40 kopeks. Contributions of 30 kopeks: R. Sender Bril, R. Yitzhak Yezger, the magnate R. Yosef Abelman, R. Yaakov Shapira, R. Leib Ziv, from me the collector R. Nathan Eliezer Ziv, R. Yehoshua Yitzhak Viener, R. Avraham Yoselovitz, R. Moshe Gutman, R. Yeshaya Zusmanovitz, R. Mordecahi the son in law of R. Mendel Shub. [5] Contributions of 25 kopeks: R. Abba Abelman, R. Leib Preis, R. Berechia son of Rabbi R. Zvi Ziv, R. Yitzhak Gorin, R. Michel Zusmanovitz, R. Moshe Tzuk, R. Shlomo Tzuk. Contributions of 20 kopeks: R. Zvi Dov Bril, R. Mendel Shub, R. Yaakov the son in law of R. Arye Shub, R. Reuven Erman, R. Baruch Leib Zusmanovitz, R. Michal the son of R. Raphael Zusmanovitz, R. David Hillel Hilkovitz, R. Yaakov Mosherovitz, R. Moshe Faktor. R. Leib Volfovitz 17 kopeks, R. Nachum Trumpa 17 kopeks. Contributions of 15 kopeks: R. Freidel Erman, R. Avraham Lekus, R. Aharon Arkin, R. Zev Moshe Blinder, R. Eliezer Yitzhak Britzka, R. Shmuel Urias, R. Nata Zusmanovitz, R. Yeshaya Avraham son of R. Shevach Matz, R. Chaim Yoselovitz, R. Dov Zusmanovitz, R. Dov Kashel, R. Shlomo Falk, R. Hillel Hilkovitz, R. Meir Gorden, R. Dov Hirshovitz, R. Nachum Gutman, R. Zemach son of R. Asher, R. Shmuel Aryeh Urias, the young man Shmuel Levinzon, the young man Zvi Yitzhak Hilkovitz. R. Avraham Lentin 12 kopeks. Contributions of 10 kopeks: R. Yosef Abramovitz, R. Moshe Kruskal, R. Yaakov the son in law of R. Freidel, R. Yehuda Friedman, R. Yehuda Monaman, R. Isaac Falk, R. Shmuel Hilkovitz, R. Meir Zusmanovitz, R. Meir Urias, R. Yeshaya Hertz, R. Yoel Ershler, R. Mordecahi Kvitzan, R. Moshe Grines, R. Mordechai Ligam, R. Daniel Dorfman, R. Yitzhak Shulman, R. Zvi son of R. Avraham, R. Yosef Mark, the young man Baruch Lekus, the young man Yosef Berman. R. Dov son of R. Yehuda 9 kopeks, R. Dov Berman 9 kopeks. From those who manufacture flax in the house of R. Yehezkel Zusmanovitz 40 kopeks. From the aforementioned in the house of R. Yeshaya Zusmanovitz 30 kopeks. From the aforementioned in the house of R. Eliezer Akerman 40 kopeks. From the aforementioned in the house of R. Mordecahi Katzenellenbogen 55 kopeks. From the aforementioned in the house of R. Sender Bril 60 kopeks. Additionally the sum of small contributions totaling 1 ruble and 11 kopeks. Sum total: 29 rubles.

(The collector) Nathan Eliezer Ziv

Additionally I received from R. Mishel Zvi Levitan from Plungian 50 kopeks. Additional small contributions: 50 kopeks. Sum total 30 rubles. The aforementioned collector.

Translation by Barry Marks

[1] December 28, 1871
[2] Samogitia
[3] The words translated as "magnate" are gvir and nagid in Hebrew. Nagid once denoted a communal leader or some type of official, but both words in popular usage simply came to mean a wealthy person.
[4] Word of Russian origin. Prikazchik was a staff employee. Here it most likely means a store clerk or sales assistant, but the word also could mean a manager of a manor, estate or farm.
[5] Could be meant as an abbreviation for shochet ubodek, one who slaughters and inspects kosher meat.
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