Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

Directors of Jewish Bank


Photograph and identifications provided courtesy of George Birman

Notes:  Identical picture (with some identifications) is shown in Gorzd Memorial Book, p. 70 (English section).  Identifications are consistent with George Birman identifications (above) if the Memorial Book identifications are consecutive from the right. 
On this assumption, the individuals not identified by George Birman are: 

                                                    6.  P. Fisher
                                                    7.  F. Noik
                                                    10. Sh. Zusmanovitz

Clearer versions of this picture are posted at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in its George Birman papers collection, photographs 1931-1954, at pages 39 and 40

Gargzdai Jewish Populist Bank
Stamp on Promissory Note, 1939

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