Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

Report of Extraordinary State Commission to Investigate and Establish War Crimes
of the German Fascist Invaders
List of victims from Gargzdai

This list was compiled by the Extraordinary State Commission to Investigate and Establish War Crimes, and is discussed at the Kretinga History Site. Copies of the Report, obtained from Yad Vashem, are posted on that website.

The list, in Cyrillic handwriting, contains 331 names and consecutively sets forth the towns of Kretinga, Palanga, Gargzdai (names 169 through 181), Andreski (Endriejavas), Darbenai, Mosedio (Mosedis) and Viveyonski (Veivirzenai ??). The title of the document refers to Soviet citizens shot by the German Fascist occupiers in Kretinga District. The Gargzdai names begin on page 7 and are transcribed below:

Number on List      Name  Age
169 Kyulkantis, Antanas 45
170 Volenora, Popos 38
171 Valantis, Kazis 43
172 Einikis, Robertas 50
173 Rochuka, Stasis 45
174 Iokubas, Kairis 37
175 Yashinskas, Pozas 35
176 Tarvudas, Antonas -
177 Toubelis, Petras 39
178 Tsirtautas, Kostas 40
179 Shemulis, Pronos 45
180 Stalnokos, Petras 38
181 Makshtis, Eduardas 42

The last column is labelled "date of birth" on the original document, but sometimes lists ages instead, as is the case here.

Can any reader provide any information about these individuals or the circumstances of their deaths?

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