Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

Baruch Jaffe

The Jaffe family is discussed in the Gorzd Memorial Book, pp. 50-53 (English section). (Book is posted online by New York Public Library, [Image 451].) The book states Moses Jaffe became rabbi of Gorzd in 1840, and his son Joseph Jaffe later became rabbi of Gorzd. Baruch Jaffe was the son of Velve Jaffe, who was Joseph's brother. Baruch lived in Telz (Telsiai).

A less clear version of this photograph appears in the Gorzd Memorial Book, Hebrew/Yiddish section, p.196 [Image 200].

In 1902, Baruch was listed as a charitable contributor in Gorzd. See HaMelitz No. 120.

The postcard bears no writing to identify it. A bookseller in Israel recently had both the postcard and the Gorzd Memorial Book (obtained from different sources) in his inventory. By chance he saw the picture in the Memorial Book, and was able to identify the postcard.

Note: Yidishe Shtet states Moshe's tenure of rabbi in Gorzd was ca. 1860-74. Pinkas Hakehillot Lita states Moshe occupied the rabbinical seat from 1840 to 1885. He was listed as rabbi in Hamagid in 1872.

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