Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania

Original Memorial at Men's Killing Site

"Here are buried the victims of Nazi murders, the Jews of the city of Gorzd who were slaughtered on 24 June 1941" [Hebrew]

"Passer by, remember the 1941 victims, innocently dying children, mothers and elderly who were slaughtered by the Hitlerites only because they were Jews." [Lithuanian]

Translation and Photographs provided courtesy of George Birman

Note - clearer versions of the above photos are posted at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, George Birman papers collection, Photographs 1931-1934, pages 59 and 61

Interim Memorial

Interim memorial preceding present memorial

Present memorial was unveiled December 17, 1989.
(Reported in Jerusalem of Lithuania, January, 1990)

Photograph and information provided courtesy of George Birman

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