Floss Jewish Cemetery

Breaking news!! In 2006, the town of Floss under major Stich has launched a project to document the Jewish cemetery. Contact Peter Schleifenheimer at E-mail: for more information or to donate old photos. Click here for the list of graves in the Floss jewish cemetery that they have put together. We will have more photos soon and will need help with Hebrew translating so contact if you can assist.

Click here for the document he has put together so far.

The cemetery is on a very steep hill, about 1/4 mi southeast of town, across from a boarding stable. It is locked and the key is not easily available, but the wall is easy to climb over. Watch out for the stinging nettles. If you want the key, contact the town mayor, at the Rathaus. You can use the contact list on the town web site

The oldest graves are at the bottom of the hill and have only Hebrew inscriptions. Midway up the hill there is a bench [Ed note: in 2005 the report was that the bench was gone] and flat area with a path. All the graves above that point have German inscriptions, as well as Hebrew, but only a few below that point do. Some are numbered on the side, although many of the numbers have worn off. These numbers must have been from a renumbering because they do not match the handwritten list (we have transliterations of it) and a corresponding map (which no one has a copy of, so contact me if you do) of who is buried where, created by Jonas Wetzler (1842-1918). This covers about 300 of the approximately 400 total graves.

Click for pictures of legible gravestones for the following families: Bloch, Engelmann, Hoenigsberger, Klein, Langermann, Reichenberger, Schwartz, Steinhardt, and Wilmersdoerfer.

Some other legible gravestones are shown: Family name starting with B, Family name starting with W, and some other legible gravestones.


On a visit to Floss in August 2000, an effort was made to photograph every legible gravestone with German writing in the cemetery. Send email if you are interested in helping sort these or can catalogue better the photos on the pages that follow or plan to visit Floss yourself.

Below are the five pictures combined into one at the top of this page, click on any one to get a larger view:

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