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GenAmi, Association de Genealogie Juive Internationale - French/English
List of Jews Deported from France - in English
CHAN Centre historique des Archives nationales ParisCentre historique des archives nationales Paris - French
Karolus - not Jewish but worth doing a name search. All languages
Geneabank - names search - French and English, not Jewish - English/French
Geneactes, les releves genealogiques gratuits - French/English, not Jewish
Genealogy and history in France - French/English
Genealogy and social history library - research center - in French, translation in English comming soon.
GeneaNet - trues to make the power of the Internet available to users by setting up a universal register of all the world's genealogical resources, whether Net-based or not, and whether free or fee-paying. In English and other languages.
Migranet -Emigration des francais
FranceGenWeb - non jewish French genealogy site in French, worth a name search.
Gailgeo - not jewish - French/English
The addresses list of all the French departments archives. In French
Wonderful site still in construction but with already some villages one can visit, with history, pictures and links.


Le judaïsme Alsacien - Best site for alsacian jewish research, with a lot of infos. French
Denombrement - A must for Alsacian Jewish Genealogy. Click in the middle of the page on "Menu de consultation" and try all the links. To search for a name in a specific village click on "Consultation par ville" and write the village's name. If you have only the name click on "Recherche patronymique".
CDHF - Not Jewish but this is the biggest and best archives site for Alsace Jewish genealogy - in French
JewishGen Shtetlink for Rixheim, French and English.
JewishGen Shtetlink page for Buschwiller, French and English.
JewishGen Shtetlink site for Dornach, French and English.
JewishGen Shtetlink to Bollwiller - French and English.
Strasbourg Jewish Community Consistoire israélite - French or English
AlsaceGenWeb - Not specifically jewish but helpful and has lots of links to history and other.
Alsacian search engine in French - down the page there is a link in "vie pratique" to genealogy and history.
Archives departementales du Bas-Rhin - in French, English or German. Go on the left on "Methode" and click on "Liens vers associations... etc."
Durmenach, an alsacian village - in French but with a link to the jewish past, at the top third from the right.
General Alsace site with a bit history and some links.
The Alsace Genealogy Circle - in English or French
The alsacian language - in French, English and other languages.
Verdammi - The Alsatian dialect on the web. In French with a beginning in English.


Commission Francaise des Archives Juives de France
HEBREUNET - Le site de la langue hebraique - The site of the Hebrew language.
Cercle Genealogique du Lunevillois
CGL-IDF : Cercle Genealogique de Lorraine
France GenWeb - Lorraine
German Genealogy: Alsace / Elsass History
Guide de Nancy / Nancy rue par rue
Moselle GenWeb


Judische Gemeinden - Ein uberblick - Schweiz
Jewish Communities in Switzerland.
Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities - in French, English or German.


Emigration from Westphalia (Germany) to the United States since
Historische Adressbuecher - Eine Datenbank des Vereins fuer Computergenealogie
Jewish Families of Frankfurt am Main-Surnames
Juden in Deutschland - links - in German
Juden in Mutterstadt - German/English
Judentum in several German cities - in German
Judische Familien - in German
Judisches Leben in Nastaetten und Miehlen in der Zeit von 1933 bis 1945 - in German
Juedische Friedhoefe in der region Baden-Wurttemberg - in German
List of Jewish victims from Rheindalen
Spuren Finden - Erinnern und Gedenken an die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus im Muensterland
Ahnenforschung. Familienforschung. Genealogie. Ahnenforschung.Net - Das deutsche genealogische Webverzeichnis
Cyndi's List - Germany - Deutschland
Der deutsche Genealogieserver -
Index of German-Polish and Polish-German names of the localities in Poland & Russia. ATS notes.


AJGS - International Jewish Cemetery Project - English
Cyndi's List - Jewish - English
Israel - Diaspora, in English.
Jewish Encyclopedia - English
Juden in Osterreich - links - in German
Louis Kessler's Jewish Genealogy Links - English
The Jewish Genealogy link page -English
Toldot - Generations - The Basics of the JewishGen web site in 10 steps
A.G.I. Europe genealogy links - French and English
Federation of East European Family History Societies in English
GEDLINK - The world history club - Francais, English, Deutsch, Espanol
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
USGenWeb Archives Search Engine



This is the link to my Zakine-Cerf family genealogy site with more than 1500 names of people all over the world, in France, Switzerland, Israel, USA and other countries. To send me a mail you can click at the following address:  Cette image est le lien vers le site familial genealogique Zakine-Cerf  de ma famille avec plus de 1500 noms de personnes dans le monde entier, en France, Suisse, Israel, USA et autre pays. Pour m'envoyer un mail cliquez sur l'adresse suivante: 



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