(now Belarus; 52°03'N 27°13'E)

A town known by many names:
David HorodokYiddish
David GorodokRussian
Davyd Haradokin some atlases

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Extensive information on this shtetle can be found on JewishGen's Locality Page

The Jews of the Shtetl

There was a thriving Jewish community in this Shtetl of about 5000 people when the Germans entered it in 1941. On 17 April that year all grown-up Jewish males were gunned down to a mass grave some 4 kms east of the Shtetl. A few months later the women and children had the same awful fate at the same place.

In the 30s of the 20th century many of the local Jews left the Shtetl because of economic reasons. Some went to the USA and settled in Michigan others immigrated to Israel - then Palestine. Them and their descendants established, each one in their country, an organization to regroup, and mostly to help the newcomers.

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  1. The David-Horodok Memorial site This is a large, searchable site, sponsored by the American Davidhorodoker Organization of Michigan. It includes:
  2. The site of The David-Horodoker Organization of Michigan, USAIt also has a good 'Links' page
  3. The David-Horodok discussion group. In this groups issues of the Davidhorodokers are discussed, like those related to the sites above, searching information on the Shtetl. There is also an archive of past postings to the group. The group is moderated, and as such, free of spam or improper language.

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