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 Khaya Sarah Pogorelsky

Daughter of Benyomin Gordon of Kolonya Nechaevka (Peness) and widow of Velvel Pogorelsky of Kolonya
Sladkovodnaya (Kobilnye),  buried in 1912 in Tsarakonstantinovka (now Kuibishevo) where she
moved after her husband's death in 1876.

Photo Chaim Freedman All rights reserved


The Ukrainian town Tsarakonstantinovka  had a small Jewish community and was the railhead providing access
to colonies Trudoliubovka and Nechaevka. It had an alternate name, Kamenka, as mentioned in the Luban memoirs.


Benyomin and Fenia Pogorelsky (brother of Beila Reeva Komisaruk of Grafskoy
and Melbourne, Australia).

TsaraKonstantinovka, about 1930.



From the Hebrew Press: (Hamelitz 1880; April 22)

Reports the need for donations for the colonies suffering from hardships and hunger -Josef Reuven Lovovsky



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