Translation of army service record – Genokh Abelevich


Pages in this booklet were translated by Mr Valentin Yamaykin, the father-in-law of my friend Tamara Yamaykin. I have tried to use his language and spellings.


The first page (which seems to be a cover page) is "leave pass" #37, which cannot be used as a residence permit.

The call-up period is dated 1894y.

His army unit was 2 E.S. Rifle Regiment (Eastern Siberian)

On shooting II class

Page 1

            Genokh Abelevich

The bearer of this ticket, Genokh Zelikovich Abelevich, the rifleman of the

2nd East-Siberian rifle regiment

is discharged to reserve 1899y February 6 day /till…/. Has been detained in the active service over and above the call-up period for 1 month and 5 days; the total period of service ends on 25 November 1911y.

Page 2

Genokh Abelevich is admitted to service at the compulsory military service office of the Novoalexandrovskyi uyezd; according to the list of admittance #37, 1893y, October 20 day; the beginning of service is counted from the Jan 1, 1894y.

Campaigns: hadn’t taken part

Distinguishing features…hasn’t

Page 3

The name at the top is Abelevich (p.2, which would have had his first name, is missing)

According to successes in line education may be ordered to regular reserve troops (?)

Wasn’t educated in service

What skills are known? Tradesman, illiterate

Recorded by #6

Age (time of birth) 1872y , January 11

Married or single? Single (crossed out) next line 27 October 1900y married on a girl Leya….27 yr

Page 4 Genoch Abelevich (written across top of p. 4 & 5

Faith: Jewish

Discharged to:

Gubernia (province) Kovenskaya {Kovno- now Kaunas, Lithuania}

Uyezd: Novoalexandovskyi


City or Village: Vydzka

15. The pass is written in the city Niko’sk_Ussuriiskyi 1899y, February 6

Underneath that is #517

Signatures: Regiment Commander, Colonel…

Regiment Adjutant, Lieutenant…


Page 5 The rules of payment if the called-up soldier brings some clothes (his own)

Page 6 Abelevich reported to the Board of Military Chief of Novoalexandrovckyi Uyezd 1899, February ..?; his ticket is recorded as a reserve private in the book of 1894y, #23. He is obliged to report on the assembly point in the city Novoalexandrovsk in two days after the call-up is announced.

Signature: Military Chief of Novoalex…uyezd

Page 7 Abelevich is recorded in the alphabeth of reserve privates of … Police Department in the book of 1894y under #23, May 12, 1899.

Signature: Police Superintendent: …

Secretary: …

Page 8 Abelevich is recorded in the alphabeth of reserve privates in the 2 r.r. (rifle regiment) under the #22. The ticket is handed to him personally; he is residing in Vidzy 1899y, May 21 day.

Signature: District Superintendent 2 grade …

Page 12 Records about temporary absences

Abelevich is permitted an absence to city Vil’na, June 24, 1899y

1899, July 17 arrived to Ekaterinslav #2513

Given by Novoalexandrovsk Dep. 23 July (or June?) 1902

Page 20 Records of the presence at the trainings

Training 1900y training 1902y

Page 23 The year of the beginning of service and the ## of alphabeths: of the volost and police offices The period begins 1891y

Baban Vol office #16

Uman. Vol office #29

Chief of police department #28

End Cover Page (?) Numbered 5

Genokh Abelevich

Leave-pass #34

On shooting III class

**Note ** The pages that are not translated were form pages with nothing written on






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