Ukrainian town  

Editor's Note: Maly means small and Bolshoy means big

Maly Tokmak
Bolshoy Tokmak

Maly Tokmak

Malyy Tokmak


 47 16' / 35 42'


Yehudah Leib Yovel, Tokmak about 1900. Family settled in Melbourne, Australia.

Avram Dov Ber Komisaruk


his wife  Khaya Sarah Komisaruk


About 1900, Tokmak


Yisrael Komisaruk about 1928


1911, Bolshoi Tomak

From the Hebrew Press: ("Extracted and translated from the newspaper copies by Chaim Freedman).

(Hamelitz 1880; June 24)

There were elected Gabbaim of the synagogue Rabbi Dov Ber Luria and Rabbi Moshe Berger. -Avraham Rafael Feitelzon

(Hamelitz 1885; July)

Mentioned in a general article: Elimelekh, the son of Rabbi Yissakhar-Ber Milner Rabbi of Tokmak and Moshe Aharon Luria.
Surnames from the 1858 Revision Lists: Zabrodsky / Brody, Komisaruk, Shlakter, Yovel


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