Signatures thought to be by

Rabbi Shlomo
Zalmen Komisaruk of Vasilkovka (1855-1920)

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view of original from a side view showing writing (top) along side

This is the back page of a Hebrew book which was passed down through the Komiasruk family. The name of the book is "Khokhmat Adam". The book was written by Avraham Danzig of Vilna, whose son Yitskhak married Gittel the sister of Ester (granddaughters of the Vilna Gaon) who married Berel Davidovitch Komisaruk (1776-1843) of Girtegola and Rassein, Lithuania, the father of Rabbi Shlomo Zalmen Komisaruk of Grafskoy (1798-1853).

The book belonged to Rabbi Pinkhas Komisaruk and probably to his father before him.

In Hebrew is written: "This book Khokhmat Adam belonged to the distinguished and outstanding one,
my master my father, our teacher the Rabbi Pinkhas, son of our teacher the Rabbi Shlomo Zalmen of blessed and righteous memory, Segal, of Kolonya Grafskoy, in the year 5606 [1846 unclear]."

Beneath this appears in Russian: "Solomon Komisaruk"

Then again in Hebrew: " The youngster amongst the princes of Menashe [a Biblical term of humility]
Shlomo Zalmen son of our teacher the Rabbi Pinkhas Komisaruk".

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