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Hamelitz 1897; March 12 (24)

Grafskoy (a Jewish colony in the Government of Yekaterinoslav).

The 27th day of Adar I was for us a day of mourning and grief, because during it passed away to his eternal like in the sixty-seventh year of his life, the Rabbi, the Gaon, Av Din of this place, our Rabbi Pinkhas Komisarov, who officiated to the glory of our colony as rabbi and Shuv (# Skokhet and examiner of meat) for more than thirty years. Great honor was shown him on his death; all the rabbis of the surrounding colonies gathered, came to pay him the last honor and eulogized him according to the Halakha (# law). He was great in Torah and the Fear of Heaven, and in peace and righteousness he walked with his brethren the farmers.

Peace be unto his dust, and may his soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life. -Kalman Bruser

The obituary of  Rabbi Pinkhas Komisaruk who was the rabbi of Kolonya Grafskoy. The obituary appeared in the Hebrew newspaper Hamelitz in Russia in 1897. [Note that various forms of the surname were used, hence Komisarov here].

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