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The town Yuzovka located in Ukraine was for a long time center of coal
mining. One of the Soviet leaders Nikita Khruchshev used to work there as a
young man. In the old Russian Empire Yuzovka was part of Bachmut uyezd,
Yekaterinoslav gubernia. After Stalin came to power in new USSR many cities were renamed in his  favor (e.g. Stalingrad instead of Tsaritsin) including Yuzovka which became Stalino. After Stalin's death and his ill deeds exposed by Khrushchev those cities were renamed again. Stalingrad became Volgograd and Stalino became Donetsk and center of Donetsk oblast' (region).Donetsk is still center of Ukrainian coal mining and of heavy industrial  machine building. City population increased to about 1,000,000 people.

-Mark Grekin


The Gurevich Family

Sitting in the centre are Berel David GUREVICH and his wife Dvoira Mania. They lived in Yuzovka (now Donetsk), Yekaterinoslav Gubernia. Photo taken in 1905, and contributed by Eliana Aizim.

Surnames: Golosoff, Vozick, Sorkin and Chavkin

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