100 Year Birthday Party for Esther Rokhkovich, Rochester NY, 1919

Photo donated by Jerry Koris



The identifications of the folks in this photo are as follows, with the person's age in 1919 if known, in parentheses.

Back row left to right --

Joe Rock (16), Ida Rock Danishefsky (sister of Morris & Rose),  Hy Rock (brother of Morris & Rose),  NYC cousin Kerner,  Morris Rock (32), Rhoda Kaplan Rock (29),  Moe Koris, Rose Rock Koris (22)


Middle Row, left to right --

Molly Gordon Rock, (31) Abe Rock (33), Leah Rokhkovich Kerner (51), Esther Rokhovich (100),  Aaron Rockowitz (58), Fagie Rock (53) (wife of Aaron)


Front Row, left to right --

Morris Rock (son of Abe & Molly) (5), Dorothy Rock (daughter of Morris & Rhoda) (6) , Julius Rock (son of Abe & Molly) (9), Sylvia Rock (daughter of Abe & Molly) (6), Eli Rock (son of Morris & Rhoda) (4)