1910 Shlachter-Molotsky Wedding photo and 1919 Rokhkovich 100th Birthday Photo

by Mel Comisarow,  melcom4@gmail.com


This 1910 Shlachter-Molotsky wedding photo was, in the form of multigenerational xeroxcopies, in the possession of members of the Sorokin family of Edmonton AB and was shown to me by members of this family. I eventually obtained a high resolution scan of the original photo from Norman Freedman of Winnipeg MB, a grandson of the wedding couple.  The identification key below was derived from the photo.


Molotsky Wedding 1910


Wedding of Batsheva Shlachter and Abraham Molotsky, Sladkovodnaya, Hulaipole Rayon, Ekaterinoslav Gubernia, 10 June 1910

Photo donated by Norman Freedman