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The Kishinev Pogrom of 1903

Summary of the Pogrom

The pogrom was triggered by the murder of a boy in the nearby town of Dubossary. Anti-Semitic newspapers accused Jews of the crime, writing that they had done it for a ritual purpose. During the pogrom, 49 people were killed, over 500 injured and some 1.5 thousand Jewish houses and shops were plundered and ruined.
(See the short article "The Pogrom of Kishinev" in the Encyclopedia Judaica quoted on the Dokumentations-Archiv f?ische Kultur und Geschichte Web site (accessed June 27, 2010).)

About the Pogrom - Online Resources

  • Kishinev 1903 Pogrom List of Victims (Jewishgen)
  • "Kishinev Pogrom: A Singular Event In Jewish History," by Andrei Shapiro (Hagshama, Department of the World Zionist Organization at Jerusalem 2003, July 3, 2003) <Online access removed as of October 2009>.
  • Korolenko Describes the Kishinev Pogrom of 1903
    [Extracted from "Kishineff: The Medieval Outbreak Against the Jews" in The Great Events by Famous Historians, vol. 20 (n.p.: The National Alumni, 1914), pp. 35-49]
  • Kishinev Pogrom (Wikipedia)
  • Kishinev 1903: The birth of a century (Reconsidering the 49 Deaths That Galvanized a Generation and Changed Jewish History), by J. J. Goldberg, Forward, April 4, 2003) (Accessed October 24, 2009)
  • Kishinef (Kishinev), by Herman Rosenthal and Max Rosenthal, in the Jewish Encyclopedia (1901-1906).
  • Cossacks' uprising, by Herman Rosenthal, in the Jewish Encyclopedia (1901-1906)
  • The Kishinev Pogrom of 1903: On the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary
    An online exhibition with nine photos(YIVO)
  • Memoirs of a Russian Governor: Prince Serge Dmitriyevich Urussov, Translated form the Russian and edited by Herman Rosenthal, Authorized Edition (London and New York, Harper & Brother Publisher, 1908 (Google Books)
    The full text of the book in online.
  • The Voice of America on Kishineff, edited by Cyrus Adler (Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of America), 1904, 401 p.
  • In the first ten days of April 2003, on the hundredth anniversary of the tragic events of April 6-8, 1903, Days of Memory of the victims of the Chisinau pogrom of 1903 took place in Chisinau on the initiative of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of the Republic of Moldova (AJOCRM), with the support of the government of the Republic, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC), ?Joint?, ?Sohnut?, the Israeli Consulate in Moldova, and other government and public structures. The lectures attempted to reevaluate the signifance of the 1903 Kishinev pogram in light of events in the history of Jews in the 20th century. For a summary of some of the lectures see "Memory Days" (former located at "", but not accessible as of June 27, 2010).

Literary Works based on the Kishinev Pogrom of 1903

  • Easter in Kishinev: anatomy of a pogrom, by Edward H. Judge. New York : New York University Press, c1992. 186 p., ISBN: 0814741932. USHMM - Library Stacks Call Number: DS135.M64 J8 1992
  • "In the City of Slaughter," a poem by Chaim Nahman Bialik, a tribute to the vicitims of the Kishinev pogrom.
    It was learning of this particular pogrom that impelled Theodore Herzl to try to find an asylum for persecuted Russian Jews.
    [Can be found on the Internet on several Web sites.]

Bibliographies of Materials about the Kishinev Pogrom of 1903

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