Pictures from Kaushany of my relatives, Yefim Kogan.

All photos are published with the permission of the owner.

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Sheiva Srulevich (1837-1941, Kaushany) with her granddaugther Fanya Spivak (Haimovich) (1896-1940, Kaushany)(my grandmother). 1918-20.


Shabsa Kogan (1856, Kaushany(?) - 1940, Kaushany) (my great grandfather). 1920s


Shobsa Kogan with his wife and two sons: Meir and Shimen Kogan. October 30, 1924, Kaushany.


Shmil Kogan(1895) with wife Tuba(1898) and son Haim (1921) and daugther Mara(1923). 1929-31.
Unfortunately no informaiton about this family since the Holocaust.


From left Mara Tismenetsky (Kogan)(1928, Kaushany), Elka Kogan (1901, Kaushany) (my grandmother), Betya Kogan, Meir Kogan (1896) (my grandfather) and Buma (Abram) Kogan (1923, Kaushany)(my father)
June 16, 1934, Kaushany.


Warm welcome of Soviet Army in Kaushany, June 29, 1940.
To the left Aron Dvoirin, friend of my parents.

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