Polk & Co's Washington Directory, 1905-1930
ABRAHAM David Mary   Adams Ave.& 2nd St. Meat and grocery Also a pickler
APTER Hyman     105 Richland Ave. Grocery store Partner with S. Berg and J. Brand
AUERBACH Joseph Fannie   58 W. Pike Str. Auerbach Men's store  
BALBERSKY Samuel   7 children 127 E. Pike St. Furniture store owner Widower
BALES Irwin Gert   Bluff St. Resturant owner At Donaldson's Crossroads
BENOWITZ Sam     105 Richland Ave. Clerk At Sam Burg's grocery store
BERMAN Nathan Alice   18 N. Central Ave. Clothing salesman a.k.a. BERGMAN
BERNSTEIN Louis     114 Richland Ave. Grocer  
BERNSTEIN Max Annie   153 W. College St. Shoe store owner  
BLAUSTEIN Markus Bertha   180 East Pike St. Grocer With Blaustein and Miller
BRAND Joseph     173 East Pike St. Grocery store Partner with S. Berg and H. Apter
BRAND William Lena   153 E. Pike St. Fruit merchant Probably Joseph Brand's brother
BRAUNSTEIN Joseph Sadie   177 E. Pike St. Grocery store clerk  
BURG Samuel Bessie   105 Richland Ave. Grocery store Partner with J. Brand and H. Apter
CAHAN Jacob Mary   unknown unknown Parents of Louis
CAHAN Louis     W. Pike St. unknown a.k.a. COHEN
CAPLAN Isaac Sarah   175 Smith St. Feed store owner  
CHERTOFF Gerson     unknown unknown Possibly brother of Ted
CHERTOFF Ted     209 East Pike St. Shoe store manager Boarder
COHEN David Eva   119 Smith St. Grocer  
COHEN Jack (Jake) Gus   Spruce St. Furnature store Brother of Phil
COHEN Phil Rebecca   Spruce St. Salesman Brother of Jack (Jake)
CUSHNER Max Anna   407 S. Central Ave. Baker  
DAVIS Peter Elizabeth   155 E. Pike St. Tailor  
DEEMER Nathan     142 Murdoch St. Clerk At Joseph Levin's store
DEVON Leo Lillian   140 N. Central Ave. Musician For (silent) movies
FARGOSTEIN Samuel Dora   344 Ridge Ave. Grocer  
FELD Jacob Kate   189 E. Pike St. Shoe store owner  
FELDHORN Morris Dora   182 Smith St. Dry cleaning  
FICKMAN Albert Minnie   329 N. Jefferson Auto supply store a.k.a. Abe
FINKEL David K. Margaret   310 W. Pike St. Dentist  
FINKEL Joseph     unknown Peddler Brother of Sam
FINKEL Sam Mary   16 Iron St. Peddler  
FINKELSTEIN Harry     24 S. Central Ave. Grocery store clerk  
FRIEDFELD Abe Kate   110 Murdoch St. Truck huckster  
GALTZ Louis Eva   607 S. Central Ave. Grocery store  
GOLDBERG Samuel Essie   205 2nd St. Treaurer Famous Mercantile Co.
GRADITOR Max Jennie   21 Iron St. Shoe store owner  
GREENBERG Nat Anna   146. E. College St. Men's store  
GREENFIELD Ignatz     324 S. Central Ave. Shoemaker Business at 15 E. Pike St.
HARRIS Edward Madeline   306 W. Pike St. unknown Brother of Sam
HARRIS Samuel Nell   34 Archer St. Wworking men's store Brother of Edward
HOFFMAN Hyman Anna   607 S. Central Ave. Grocer  
HOROWITZ Isser Annie   124 Van Eman St. Merchant Wholesale
HOROWITZ Samuel Rosie   9 S. Central Ave. Grocer  
KANTOR Dr. Lou     unknown Dentist  
KARWAN Sam Sophia   172 Smith St. Grocery store clerk  
KATZ Abe Hannah   100 Smith St. Clothing store owner Brother of Jacob
KATZ Isadore Eva   24 S. Central Ave. Furniture salesman  
KATZ Jacob Fannie   177½ E. Pike St. 5 & 10 store owner Brother of Abe
KLAHR Hyman Rachel   182 E. Pike St. Furniture store owner Hyman's brother
KLAHR Joseph     188 E. Pike St. Resturant owner  
KLEE B. (Benny) Dora   180 East Pike St. Grocery store owner  
KLEIN John Tillie   155 Smith St. unknown  
KLETZK Abraham Tillie   29 West Pike St. Manufacturing Business at 44 W. Pike St.
KORNFIELD Adolph Dora   113 Murdoch St. Peddler  
LEBOW Hyman Sarah   113 Murdoch St. Rabbi a.k.a. LEBUAU
LEBOWITZ Harry Lena   203r E. Pike St. Clerk At Benny Klee's grocery store
LEBOWITZ Meyer Pepie   115 S. Jefferson Ave. Baker  
LEINER Morris Martha   321 S. Central Ave. Butcher At Popover's Meats
LEVI Simon Rachel   109 Spring St. Butcher a.k.a. LEVY
LEVIN Ben Julia   310 E. Pike St. Mill worker Worked in the tin mill
LEVIN Jacob D.     E. Pike & Ashland Ave. J.D. Levin & Bro. a.k.a. LEVINE; 40 W. & 209 E. Pike
LEVIN Joseph Etta   142 Murdoch St.. Clothing a.k.a. LEVINE; 41 Jefferson Ave.
LEVIN Morris Sarah   209 East Pike St. unknown a.k.a. LEVINE
LEVINE Harry Ida   109 Richland Ave. Doubler In the steel rolling mill
LEVINE Victor Matilda   37 Vine St. Ladie's store Jacob and Abe Katz's sister
LEVY Albert Marsella   38 W. College Officer/Secretary At the Famous Mercantile Co.
MANKOWITZ Morris Annie   201r E. Pike St. Dry Goods merchant  
MARCUS Sam (E.L.) Rose   unknown Tobacco & candy Wholesaler
MARGOLIS Sam     Adams Ave. Clerk In D. Abraham's business; Boarder
MARKOVITZ Samuel Esther   24 S. Central Fruit dealer  
MARKOWITZ Louis Jesse   31 E. College St. Junk dealer a.k.a. Esse
MINTZ D.     unknown unknown Joseph's brother
MORRIS Jacob Julia   138 Central Ave. Dry goods Samuel Morris's brother
MORRIS Samuel     209 East Pike St. Clerk at Levin's store Jacob Morris's brother
MOSCOV Alex Edith   344 Ridge Ave. Grocer Thedore's son
MOSCOV Theodore     344 Ridge Ave. Grocer Alex's father
PEARLMAN Sam Ida   336 Giffin Ave. merchant  
PENNER Tom Rose   103 Bluff St. Grocer  
PETCHENIK Morris Bella   235 Orchard Ave. Butcher  
PICHOLTZ Max Sadie   30 West Pike Jeweler  
PINSKER Milton Sarah   unknown Clothing store  
POPOVER Morris     172 Smith St. Grocery store clerk Boarder
POPOVER Samuel     17 S. Central Ave. Partner In David Abraham's business
ROSENBERG Samuel Minnie   17 Iron St. Clerk & Huckster Blaustein and Miller
ROSENTHAL Barney     31 West Pike St. Partner D.A. Skirble & Co
SCHONFELD Adolf     124 Van Eman St. Salesman Boarder
SHEFFLER Al     unknown Woman's store  
SIMON Louis     324 S. Central Ave. Baker  
SIMON Rose     310 E. Pike St. Clerk At the J. D. Levin Co.
SKIRBLE Charles E.     31 West Pike St. Clerk D.A. Skirble & Co.
SKIRBLE David A.     31 W. Pike St. Propritor D.A. Skirble & Co.
SKIRBLE George Ada   339 W. College St. Partner D.A. Skirble & Co.;a.k.a Ida
SLONE Jacob Mollie   8 Iron St. Wholesale produce a.k.a. SLONIMSKY; Boarders
SPITZER Charles Rebecca   114 N. Central Ave. Soft Drink Co. Marcus Blaustein's son-in-law
SUKOLSKY Louis     217 West Pike St. Produce business  
SUKOLSKY Samuel     217 West Pike St. Produce business  
TABACK Albert Freda   6 Pike St. Dry cleaning shop  
TODER Sam Sadie   E. Pike & Ashland Auto junk yard  
WALDMAN Rose   4 children 118 Van Eman St. Fruit and vegetable Widow
WEINER Lena   3 children 172 Smith St. Homemaker Widow; David, John and Tillie
WEISS Charles     155 East Pike Tailor  
YORTES Anna     216 South Central Homemaker Widow of John, a fruit huckster
ZUCKER Nathan Anna   105 Richland Ave. Peddler