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This site is dedicated to the loving memory of the Jewish community in Kamenka.

Camenka (Kamenka), Transnistria, Moldova


New! Added in March of 2016 at Memoirs, Family Stories, Family Trees section: Two Postcards from Kamenka (Podlia Gubernia until 1917, now in Republic of Moldova), author Ronald Killian

              Location: 48°02´N x 28°42´E Camenca district Map

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Maps of Moldova and Camenca region

Dniester River

Camenka Sign

Photo - courtesy of Martin and Rivka traveling in Moldova and Ukraine.



Memoirs, Family Stories, Family Trees

Photographs from Kamenka

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Palace of Princess Troubetskoy, Kamenka, end of 19 century. Written in Russian: On this place were going to be a monument of a hero of Patricotic War of 1812, Marshal P.Kh. Wittgenshtein (see article about him in the history section.) Bust of the Marshal Wittgenshtein, opened October 17, 2011 in Kamenka. Interior of a grossary shop of N. B. Ayzenberg, Kamenka, Podol gubernia.
Town Kamenka on the Dniester River. Kamenka Sanatorium - Dniester. Kamenka from Vertuzhany, other side of
Dniester River.
Courtesy of Martin and Rivka.
Kiddush cup, 1884. It was brought from Kamenka.
Photo - courtesy of David Weissman.
Kiddush cup. Other side - windmill.

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Video clips about Kamenka

Travel to Camenka after the War

    Cemetery: "...During my recent trip, I was shown by a local gentile women what clearly was the remnant of an "ohel" (a small building customarily built over the grave of a Chasidic Rebbe) in the Jewish cemetery in this Kaminka. She assured me that this was where the "Tzadik" was buried. I have had independent confirmation of this as well. ... The sole remaining Jew in the town had no information for me." Source: Abraham [28 Oct 2000 on JewishGen Digest]


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