By Marcia Pailet-Abrams Jaffe


            In 1996, I received a letter from a relative, Susan Gray, telling me that she had received a letter from Tsila Lozansky Sheinker in Lithuania.  Tsila had asked Susan to send her a certain prescription medicine to help her arthritis.  Susan sent the letter to me to see if my husband, a physician, could get the medicine for Tsila. Unfortunately, it was/is illegal to prescribe prescription medicines for a person that he had not examined.

            When we visited the next year, we took Tylenol and vitamins for Tsila and Riva. 

            A correspondence with Tsila began. Tsila wrote in Yiddish, my friend translated to English for me and then she wrote back to Tsila in Yiddish. We found out that Tsila and her older sister Riva Lozansky Bogomolnaya were from Butrimonys. Their Mother Dora Itzkovitch was related to four Itzkovitch women who had married Peilet/Pielet men (my family!). Up until then we had no idea that there were any family members who lived in Butrimonys or that some of them were Holocaust survivors.




Riva Lozansky Bogomolnaya

Tsila Lozansky Sheinker


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