Altmann Hardware Harry Altman
Authenreiths Variety Authenreith (Chain store from Pittsburgh)
Berky Electric Abe Berky
Bud's Clothing Store Kaufmann
Bush Furniture Levin
Cohen Furniture Cohens
Cohens Wallpaper and Paint Mrs. Cohen and son, David
Cooper Mens Store Sonny Cooper
Dezure's Market Henry Dezure
Elias Fruit Market Alvin Elias family
Esquire Lounge Klein
Frank's Auto Supply Morley Frank
Goldmans Garage Snowden Squaew Jack Goldman
Goldsteins Clothing Store Goldsteins
Greenfield's Market Harry Greenfield
Hirsch Shoe Store (next to Hopsons) Martin Hirsch
Karts Department Store Nathan and Marion (Goldstein) Kart
Kramer Shoe Store Kramers
Krause's Department Store Ted Swartz
Lewines Jewelry Store Lewines
Louis Kaufman Grocer Louis Kaufman
Max Goldman's Car Dealership Max Goldman
Mon Valli Bar Sam Sunkin
Moskovitz Sweeper Repairs Nervin Moskovitz
N. Silver Wholesale Tobacco/Candy Nathan Silver and daughter, Sylvia Williams
Newburgs Dress Shop Henry Newburg
Norvin Karpen Loans Norvin Karpen
Seidels (owns former A&P building) Seidels
Shure Mens Store Rufty Shure and Harry Steinberg
Sidlers Children and Womens Clothing Mrs. Sidler
Simon Brown Tailor Shop Simon Brown
Square Tavern Charlie Cazen
Storey Hause Bar Feldman and Swartz
Swartz Heating (Laundromat) Swartz
Thrift Drug Store Avners
Trumpery Men Store Bernard Trumper
Wilensky's Market Wilensky
Dr. Brown Dentist
Dr. Reider Medical Doctor
Dr. Silberstein Optometrist
Dr. Leslie Rubin Dentist
Dr. Ficks Dentist
Other proprietor(s) of the Jewish Community who lived in Brownsville, but owned and operated businesses within the local region:
Maurice Grossman Manufacturer's representative
Sam Neustein owned and operated Lincoln Bakery in W. Brownsville
Hi Grossman Continued Lincoln Bakery after Neustein's passing
Charlie Kazen Grocer in Denbo and in Crescent Heights
Shipero Sold household items dour to door
Max Kweller Grocer on Green St. and in Richeyville
Albert Davis, Greenberg and Weinstein West Penn Milling and Wholesale Grocers
Zisklnd Grocer in Rowes Run and in Republic
Friedlanders/Brown Grocers and Stock Brokers
Landman Hi Hat Bottling Company on 5th Avenue