Names in Borzna

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Reuban Bregman Married Shaine Yante Savitsky

Rose, Mischa,Joseph,Frieda Bregman Children of Reuban & Yante Savitsky

Yossel Listlenske Married Sarah Savitsky

Itska Nosavitsky Selling spirits (From: Vsia Rossiya)

Moishe Nosavitsky married Feigel - Father of Arya Leib and Sarah Savitsky

Motley Sovitsky (Martha Volkoff) Born 9/1880, Married Peysach Volkovitsky 8/1899

    3 children in Borzna:
  • Sara (Sally) 7/4/1901
  • Rifka (Rebecca) 9/26/1902
  • Fagele (Florence) 3/8/1904
  • To New York, 5/29/1905 (SS St. Paul)

    Told about riding sleigh in woods; being chased by wolves. Also, they ran a small grain store in Borzna.

    Manye, Aaron, Shaine Yante Sovitsky - Siblings of Motley Sovitsky

    Arya Leib Savitsky - Father of Motley Sovitsky

    Bassie, Yante, Munye, Sarah, Arya Nosavitsky - Children of Moishe Nosavitsky

    PeysachVolkovitsky(Peter Volkoff) Born 8/8/1878 - Married Motley Sovitsky: 8/1899 Pesach, Motley and Family

    Family Portrait - 1907

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    Came to New York from Liverpool, England 7/2/04, arr. 7/18/1904 (SS St. Louis)
    My father never played fiddle for the Czar, but he did play the clarinet in the czar's army band . . .
    that is, until he went AWOL with the Russo-Japanese War brewing.
    From Memoirs of Joseph DuVal (Volkoff)

    Israel Baruch Volkovitsky Father of Peysach

    Borzna researchers may be interested in this e-mail:
    My grandfather, Mikhail Yagudin, was a long-time resident and well-known in Borzna, Ukraine.   He was born and raised there as was all of his family, and later returned there to raise his own family and head the firefighter department and become one of the directors of their regional board.    He also knew most of the people you had mentioned on your homepage over the past years.   He has always loved the town and it had been imprinted in his memory very vividly up until the day that he died, 10/30/03 at the age of 83.    His funeral took place today, 10/31/03.

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