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Bolekhov, Ukraine

A Cyber-Memorial to its pre-WWII Jewish Community
Photographs - Shadows of the Past


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This picture, which was taken before the Holocaust, shows a Bolekhov Jewish school. The picture was given to me by a person who was the only Jew who was born in Bolekhov before the Holocaust and who also lived there for many years after the war. You can also find a copy of this picture on page 44 of the Yizkor Book, where you can also read about the history and philosophy of this school in the translated chapter, "Maskilim and Haskalah (Enlightenment) Movement in Bolekhov in the 19th Centuryth Century." Click on the picture, above, to begin seeing a closer look at the faces of some of the Jewish citizens who lived in Bolekhov.

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