Bielsker Bruderlicher Untershtitzungs Verein
1949 Membership Directory

bbuvp1.jpg (65044 bytes)This page provides links to images of the entire Annual Directory of the Bielsker Bruderlicher Untershtitzungs Verein dated June 1949. The contents of the directory are listed below and will link you to the image from the directory.

Meeting schedule for 1949 and 1950
Numbers to call in case of sickness, death, or change of address

Board of Candidates, Loan Fund Committee

Board of Directors
Old Age and Disability Relief Committee, Cemetery Committee, Funeral Attendance Committee

Doctors for Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn
Bielsker Ladies Auxiliary Officers

Member listing:
Achkofsky to Crystal
Elson to Harris
Jacobson to Pashman
Pashman to Weinstein
Wilensky to Ziofsky

Alpert to Foner
Fox to Yellin, advertisement for Julius A. Bloomgold Insurance

Financial Report, January 1, 1948 to December 31, 1948
Receipts, Disbursements
General Fund, Liabilities, Loan Fund, Cemetery Fund, Withdrawn, Assets, Liabilities
Donation Fund, Old Age and Disability Relief Fund, Assets

Old Age and Disability Fund Pledges
Rules for Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Rules for Washington Cemetery

Advertisements for:
Rabbi Abraham Lazer
Jeffer Funeral Home

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