Bershad, Ukraine
Бершадь - ברשאד

Province: Podolia
District (c.1900) Olgopol
District (c.1930) Vinnitsa

Other Names: Bershad' [Rus, Ukr, Yid],
Berschad, Barsad, Bersad', Berszad, Berșad [Rom], Berszada [Pol]

LAT: 48°22' N LONG: 29°31' E

Map of
Olgopol District

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Bershad - Recent History

Defining Moments in Bershad - 20th Century

12 March 1917 - Tsar Overthown
20 March 1917 - Pale of Settlement abolished
Mid Winter 1919 - Dr. Weinfeld, 30, is killed in skirmish between Jewish Defense of Bershad and elements of Petlura's bandits (White Guard nationalists)
Holocaust - Bershad becomes the focal point for the massacre of the Jewish community in Vinnitsa

Traces of the Past

As the ancestral town of the Finelt-Weinstein-Lotterstein-Frantzuskij families , many stories about life in Bershad and nearby Ol'gopol were provided by my father, Aron Finelt, who along with his family left Bershad about 1917.

I invite fellow Bershader's to share their family stories here.