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Belilovka (Белиловка), Ukraine

Alternate names: Belilovka (Yiddish), Bialolowka (German), Bilolowka, Beliivka, Bilylivka, Білилівка, בלילובקה
(Latitude: 4968, Longitude:  2901)
Zhitomir oblast, 134 km southwest of Kiev

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About Belilovka:
Jews were present in the early 18th cent. Three were killed in Cosack attacks in 1735. The jewish population was 124 in 1765 and 2223 (4851 total)  in 1897.
The Jews were attacked by the Petlura gangs in 1918 and by Anton Denikin's White Army troops in 1919-20. Consequently, and also through internal migration, the Jewish Population dropped to 1897 in 1926 and to even less by 1941. The Germans captured the town on 15 July 1941, murdering the Jews there shortly afterwards.[1]
The name 'Belilovka' is probably derived from white clay that can be found in that region. Initially the name of the settlement (Before the 16th cent. ) was named Rostovets or Rostavysti,  resembling the nearby river Rostavytsa.[2]

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