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Photographs of  the Family
 of Nissan (Nysel) Przybylski (1879-1917)
in Belchatow in the 1930's

The Nissan Przybylski Family

(back row, standing, from left): Chana, Sara, Chanan, and Aaron -- Nissan's children
(front row, seated, from left): Chaya, ne Taube (Nissan's wife) and Ester, ne Muszka (Aaron's wife)
(standing in front, from left): Chana and Josefa (Aaron's daughter, died in Holocaust)

Chana and Sara went to Palestine before 1936,
Chanan went to the U.S. and became Harry Belsky (died in 1987),
and Aaron remained in Belchatow and died in the Holocaust with his family.

Photographs of some Przybylski children:

Aaron's Leibele and Josefa (in front)
with unidentified cousin (in back)

Aaron's Leibele (on bike) with Josepha
and unidentified cousin (on left)

Son of Aaron's brother Moshe (left)
and his cousin Josepha (right)

Chana (left), a cousin,
and Josepha (right)

(Photographs courtesy of Sara Kitsis, Nissan's grand-daughter and daughter of Chana Przybylski)