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In Appreciation

We have mentioned how our organization was started; we have related the comparative ease with which the original seven members founded the Society. Those men were of one mind-to help and keep their Brothers together---and so Mendel Eisner's suggestion to organize a group from Belchatow met with unanimous assent. True, those seven men deserve great credit for founding the Society, but it is to those members, who have since devoted time, energy and money to build up the organization to its present status that we have to give unbounded esteem and admiration.

Organization of a Society may be fairly simple, but bringing it forward to the extent where it can be of real value and service to its members is difficult--in fact, very difficult. The growth and prosperity of the Society depend upon its active members, and requires of them an infinite amount of time, patience, ability, and willingness to serve others. The members we shall list in our Honor Roll asked for no special tribute; they did their work because they wanted to; they did it cheerfully and honestly without thought of reward, but whether or not they seek any special distinction, we shall give it to them to show our very deep appreciation. We realize that it has been through them that it has been possible to maintain a treasury of sufficient funds to be able to pay benefits to our needy members and charity to worthwhile institutions like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the Jewish Federation of Charity, the Institute for the Blind, and many others.

Our Honor List today contains just a certain number of names; by 1951 we hope that it will contain at least twice as many names. We sincerely hope that the younger generation coming in today, the sons of our distinguished members who joined in yesteryear, will try to carry on the worthwhile work of their elders and compete with them for service to the Society. We cite only one example now to show our pride in one of the more recent members, that of Louis Sadowsky, who gives freely of his accounting abilities to help keep our Society books in order.

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