a.   Beckum Photographs:


Beckum Today

View of Town Center. Nordstrasse 8 at bottom left

The Gemeindehaus, Nordstrasse 8 in 1920s

On extreme right of picture.


Opposite the Gemeindehaus in 1920s

The view opposite our house at the Nordstrasse

Milk Delivery

Opposite our house on the Nordstrasse. 1932

The Beckum Synagogue

The Synagogue was located at the back of the building.

This photo was taken from the Linnenstrasse

Above the Aron haKodesh

The two wooden lions are the only remaining objects of Beckum's Synagogue

Exhibited at the Beckum Town Museum

Inscription Over Entrance

"For mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people" (Isaiah, 56, 7)

Was removed on 1938 Pogromnacht

Alfred & Ida STEIN-WINDMÜLLER Wedding 1929

At R: Jack Raphael, officiating at the wedding

July 1933 - Gardefest

Picture taken from our window at Nordstraße

1937: Last School Class

L to R: Eva Stein, Julius Silberberg, Lotte Philipps, Ruth-Henni Podemsky, Heinz (Zeev) Raphael, Inge Windmueller, Gerd Heine, Ursula (Uschi) Reingenheim


Before 1937

Note: inscription over the entrance

Gemeindehaus under the Swastika

After 1938

Note: inscription over entrance is removed

House of the Family Levy Stein

On Marienplatz, Nordstrasse. Demolished after Pogromnacht.

US Col. Sidney R. Hinds (Left)

Commander of American troops that entered Beckum on Easter Sunday 1945.

Photo: Glocke, 23.3.1995

Gemeindehaus 1967

Before demolition

Present building at Nordstrasse 8

As it looked on our visit in 1975

Memorial Plaque at site of the Gemeindehaus

"Since 1743 this had been the site of the Synagogue of the Beckum Jewish Community. It was destroyed on 9 November 1938 during the years of the National Socialist tyranny"

At Yad Vashem in Jerusalem

Beckum Inscription

Mosque in Neubeckum

Of the Turkish-Islamic Community of Neubeckum

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