b.  Private Pictures of Beckum:
     Note: Heinz is identical with Zeev

Lilly and Jack with Baby Heinz (Zeev)


Family Kronenberg


Hanna, Marianne, Lilly R., Dr Walter

Mother Lilly with Heinz (Zeev)

7 May 1928

About 1929

Father Jack

With Margit Chery(?) , Heinz (Zeev), Trude and Gert Stein

April 1930

Mother Lilly with Heinz (Zeev)

July 32

In front of Stein's house on the Oststrasse

Father Jack with Heinz (Zeev)

July 1932

─nne does the Laundry

About 1932

H÷xberg - The Windmill


Going to School

May 1933

With Werner and Rolf Stein

May 1933

Purim 1934

"Chaluzim in Palestine"

With Uschi Reingenheim

At the Zoo in Berlin

August 1933

Father Jack


Note radio and loudspeaker

Father Jack

About 1932

Heinz (Zeev)

About 1936

With mother Lilly

About 1936

In the Schoolyard

From L to R: Elfriede Lebenberg, Martha Neumann, Rieka Loehnberg, Mother Lilly

Grandpa Josef FISCHER

With mother Lilly. About 1936

Grandpa Isidor Raphael

About 1937

Pessah 1937

Note the Round Matza