Obituary to Hugo Krick

Die Glocke ,  22 Feb 1999


Zeev (Heinz) Raphael from Haifa (Israel):

"We thank Hugo Krick for his Friendship"


Beckum (gl).  On the death of Hugo Krick the “Glocke” received a letter from Zeev (Heinz) Raphael from Haifa (Israel).  In memory of this devoted citizen of Beckum, Mr Raphael wrote the following:


Just now we received the sad news of the death of our friend Hugo Krick.  


Friendship between a Haifa Jew and a citizen of Beckum?  Could such a thing indeed be possible?  True, during the first ten years of my life (1927 to 1937) Beckum did not give me much reason for friendly relations with Beckum.  


Twenty-three years ago, on 28 November 1975, I received my first letter from Hugo Krick.  He then wrote: “For many years I have made efforts to establish contact with surviving Jewish citizens of Beckum …”.  Today Hugo’s letters fill two heavy files.


Hugo Krick had made it the aim of his life to trace us former Jews from Beckum, dispersed as we are all over the world, from Bolivia to Australia.  With continuing interest, we followed his efforts to keep in touch with former Jews from Beckum, as well as to keep alive the memory of the former Jewish Community among today’s citizens of Beckum.  We were continuously astonished at Hugo Krick’s energy and perseverance in handling this issue in Beckum.  The list of his initiatives and achievements is a long one:  He wrote a book “History and Fate of the Jews of Beckum”.  He contributed to the creation of a Holocaust Memorial.  He maintained a regular correspondence with us.  He lectured on the fate of Beckum’s Jews, at schools in Beckum and at the society for local history.  Whoever showed interest, was received by him as pilgrim in Beckum, and he visited us in our present home. Five years ago, Hugo and Maria were our guests here in Haifa.  But the full list of his activities is surely much longer!


The tireless Hugo Krick had the most diverse interests:  music, nature and history.  He had a pilot’s license, and was an amateur radio operator.  But after his family and his business, the major part of his energy was devoted towards the challenge of his life, and that was the former Jewish Community of Beckum.


Our quarter century long correspondence developed into a close friendship.  We exchanged thoughts on the state of the world.  Hugo was a humanist.  The fate of humanity and of the “little man” – irrespective where he might be: in Germany, in the Near East or in Africa – was of concern to him.


Hugo Krick’s inquiries were not always welcomed and appreciated by his fellow-citizens.  Indeed, why should one stir up that old dust?


There is no doubt that Hugo Krick’s efforts, supported by his wife Maria, contributed significantly to the restoration of Beckum’s reputation.  


We shall never forget Hugo.  We thank him for his friendship.


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