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Jacob Raphael: Die Synagogengemeinde

(The Jewish Community of Beckum)

Chapter (pages 77 to 79),  published in 1924 in a festive volume

on the occasion of the 700th Anniversary of the town of Beckum. 

Translation  by Zeev Raphael.  May 2007





Hans Chanoch Meyer: Aus Geschichte und Leben der Juden in Westfalen

(About the History and Life of Westphalian Jewry)

Published: NER-TAMID-Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, 1962.  275 pages


Jack J. Raphael: Kapitän H.R. Windmüller (1913 – 1946)

(Captain H.R. Windmüller)

Chapter (pages 115 to 123), of “Aus Geschichte und Leben der Juden in Westfalen”,

published by NER-TAMID-Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, 1962 


Stadt Beckum

(Beckum Town)

Published on the 750th Anniversary of the town of Beckum in 1974.  351 pages

The former Jewish Community of Beckum received only little mention in this impressive volume. 

See letter to the Stadtverwaltung.


Windmueller Family Chronicle

Published: Windmill Press Associates, 1981.  268 pages


          We wish to thank Mrs Inge Horowitz of Richmond VA

          for her kind permission to quote from this book.

In July 2008 Inge Horowitz  visited Beckum, to attend a Stolperstein ceremony. 

Click here for her REPORT.


Diethard Aschoff: Juden in Westfalen

(Jews in Westphalia)

Published: Westfälische Kulturgeschichte Heft 3, 1985.  45 pages


Hugo Krick and Dr Diethard Aschoff:

Geschichte und Schicksal der Juden zu Beckum

(History and Fate of the Jews of Beckum)
Published: Kreis-Geschichtsverein Beckum-Warendorf e.V. 1987.  160 pages

          We wish to thank the Krick family of Beckum,

          and Professor Dr Diethard Aschoff for their kind permission

          to quote from their book.


Hubert Lukas: Der jüdische Friedhof in Beckum

(The Beckum Jewish Cemetery)

Published: Beckumer Blätter 3, 1988.  162 pages

Diethard Aschoff: Juden in Münster

(Jews in Münster)

Published: Westfälische Kulturgeschichte Heft 9, 1993.  50 pages


Günter Birkmann and Hartmut Stratmann: Bedenke vor wem du stehst

(Be aware of before whom thou standest)

300 Synagogues and their history, in Westphalia and Lippe

Published: Klartext Verlag, Essen 1998.  310 pages


Stadt Beckum: Ansichten

(Views of Beckum)

Published: Stadt Beckum  2001.  97 pages


Hartmut Hosenfeld: Jüdisch in Attendorn

Die Geschichte der ehemaligen jüdischen Gemeinde in Attendorn

(The Former Jewish Community in Attendorn)

Published: Kreisverwaltung Olpe, 2006.  396 pages 


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