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Altdorf in Pictures

Crest of Arch
Crest on the top of the Arch.  The Arch is all that remains of the former home of Leopold and Leoni Dreifuss.  Leopold was the kosher butcher for the Jewish communities in the area.

An Altdorf sign at the edge of
                  the village
Sign at the entrance of the village of Altdorf, City of Ettenheim, Ortenaukreis
Sign pointing
                the way to Altdorf and other locations
In Altdorf on the way to Offenburg

South of Altdorf in Kezingen is a
                  reminder: Nicht Vergessen (Nrver Forget)
Here we are just south of Altdorf driving through Kenzingen.
Sign beckons: "Nicht vergessen" (Never Forget!)
View of
In Altdorf

View of
In Altdorf
This is the building that housed the former Aldorf synagogue

Viaw of Synagogue
The large structure  on the left is another view of the former Aldorf synagogue
Plaque on the former Altdorf Synagogue. " In this building there was a synagogue of the Jewish community of Aldorf 1868-1938. On 10 November 1938, it was desecrated and largely destroyed by Nazi tyranny.   Jewish residents were humiliated and their homes were destroyed.  This was the beginning of tracking, expulsion and killing Jews. This commemoration serves as a reminder of the sacrifice of the survivors". 
November 1998 Village of Altdorf
Altdorf Catholic Parish, Historical Society Ettenheim.

Orinal Synagugue Cornerstone

Cornerstone of the former Altdorf synagogue.  Stone appears painted over and the date (1868) is obliterated.

An Aldorf building

View of
Vew of Leopold
                and Leonie's Arch
View of the Dreifuss arch from the site of the former home

 In Altdorf

Best iew of
                the Arch and Rormer Site of the Dreifuss Home
Overview of Alterorf

View of the Dreifuss arch from the street looking into the plaza the once was the residence of Leopold and Leoni Dreifuss.  Leopold was the community kosher butcher.  He is no known relation to the author.

View over the village of Altdorf.  Once an independent village, today Altdorf is part of Ettenheim.


Photo at left:

Caught in a sudden downpour we sought relief in a nearby Altdorf doorway. Huddled in the doorway we were surprised to find a Mezuzah on the doorway.  We were told that this building had been a former school for Jewish children. Photo left to right shows Jeff Dreifuss, Werner Moses, Hanna Meyer Moses and Becky Dreifuss.

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Last updated 16 August 2012
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