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The Chronology of the Jews of Shanghai from 1832 to the Present ...
In 1887 the Jewish Community of Shanghai came into official existence in a special ... At the turn of the century the Shanghai Jewish community, principally ...

History of Jewish Shanghai - Shanghai Jewish Center
Jewish life in Shanghai dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, ... Built in 1927 by the Ashkenazi Jews of Shanghai, it no longer serves as a synagogue, ...

The Jews in Shanghai and Hong Kong - A History - YouTube

In the lead up to the Second World War, thousands of European Jewish refugees sought refuge from Nazi ...

Jewish Life in Shanghai's Ghetto -
Jun 19, 2012 - A museum tells the story of World War II refugees and their time in the city.

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German and Austrian Jewish Refugees in Shanghai
In the years preceding World War II, Shanghai was a divided city. In 1842, when the then-minor port was opened to western trade, Great Britain, the United ...

Shanghai, China Jewish Community - Jewish Times Asia
There has been a significant Jewish community in Shanghai since 1850. The First Wave of Jewish migration to Shanghai was marked by the arrival of Sephardic ...

Are There Really Jews in China?: An Update
Jewish communities of the British to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tientsin and other cities from the countries bordering on the Arabian Sea who accompanied ...

Being Jewish in China: Scenes From a Shanghai Bat Mitzvah ...
Sep 8, 2010 - Years ago, Jews came simply to survive; now, says a local rabbi, they come to prosper.

Polish Jewish Refugees in the Shanghai Ghetto, 1941–1945
The Polish Jewish refugees from Lithuania had heard in Japan that the Free Port of Shanghai was a crowded, unsanitary, and crime-ridden city. Still, they were ...

A Walk through Shanghai's Hongkou Jewish Quarter - China Travel ...

by Sara Naumann 
Take a historical walk through Shanghai's Hongkou District, the former Jewish quarter that became a ghetto in World War II.

On the tourist trail of China's Jews -
Sep 17, 2013 - The arrival of year 5774 was celebrated in Shanghai, as in Jewish communities all over the world, with the tones of a cantor reciting Rosh ...

The Jewish Press » » Jews in Shanghai Exhibition in Chicago
Oct 24, 2013 - An exhibition on the life of European Jewish refugees in Shanghai during World War II opened in Chicago on Monday, Xinhua reported.

A Brief History of Jewish Shanghai - Schusterman Family Foundation
Jan 11, 2011 - This description of the history of Jewish life in Shanghai is part of series describing Sandy's recent travels to China. You can read part one here ...

Saved in Shanghai - The Times of Israel
Aug 25, 2012 - 20000 Jews were protected from the Holocaust in the Japanese-occupied city. Nina Admoni, whose husband would later head the Mossad, ...

Harry Leichter's, Jews of Shanghai and their History Site - Haruth.Com
Jews of Shanghai China History and local Community life.

Shanghai Jewish
Enhance your trip to China by taking a tour illustrating the remarkable history of Jews in Shanghai. For one hundred years, from 1850s to 1950s,Jews made an ...

Ledger listing persons registered at the Polish Consulate in Shanghai 1934-41

Emigranten Adressbuch Fuer Shanghai (November 1939)

Exil Shanghai 1938-1947 (Book & CD)
The CD accompanying the book contains a copy of the 1943 census of the "Designated Area"

The Lost Shanghai Jewish Graves
Photos of Jewish gravestones found in or near Shanghai. The cemeteries have all been destroyed, but some of the stones have been recycled...

Horst Peter Eisfelder’s book

From the archives of the American Joint Distribution Committee comes a 241
page list of Refugees who left Shanghai between 1945 and 1950, including an
indication of where they went:

Yad Vashem has a list of over 1000 wartime deaths in Shanghai, including
date of birth and death and previous town. Due to a poor quality original,
many names have been mangled and may be diffiicult to find. Use the advanced
search form and set the place of Death to "Shanghai".

The Polish Consular Records are also available in the JRI-Poland database as
described at:

A summary of unusual sources for Shanghai:

BELONGINGS: post-Second World War migration memories & journeys
Meet PETER NASH and see his Chinese vases: