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 3/15/2014  New story: A secret Ulpan in the Communist Odessa

Hi everybody,

I'd like to tell you about the new article by Anna Aizic called "A secret Ulpan in the Communist Odessa".
While most of our people stories tell us how Jews lived in Odessa in late 19th and early 20th century, this one shows us how lived those who stayed and lived in Communist and KGB's URSS after WWII.
Anna is also finishing a book about his family story going from Odessa to Israel and to the US.

The current version of the book is downloadable from the story page placed at the People Stories section of the kehilalinks.

You can directly access the story here


Ariel Parkansky
Odessa Town Leader

 1/31/2014  The Odessa Archives Vital Records Indexes Project

Hi everybody,

As you would know, we've undertaken a very big acquisition and translation project of Vital Record Indexes on the Odessa Archives from 1875 to 1920. Yoni Kupchik is leading the project.

These are more than 7000 documents to acquire and translate.

We need your help. Any donation even small will be welcomed. Please visit the Ukraine JewishGen-erosity Page and choose the Odessa Document Acquisition and Translation Projects.

If you have Russian translation skills and you want to volunteer please fill our Ukraine SIG Language Skills Survey here and contact Yoni

Thanks for your help,

Ariel Parkansky
Odessa Town Leader

 1/10/2014  New article: Recollections of Odessa, by Ben Swartz

Thanks to his granddaughter Judy who transcribed this vivid story describing many aspects of Jewish life in Odessa.
Enjoy this great memory by clicking here located in the section People Stories

 10/8/2013  Israelís national poet Bialik honored in Odessa

Exhibition opens at Odessa hotel during city's third Limmud Jewish learning conference.

See full article here

 1/27/2013  New article about the Jewish Nursing Home and other news

Hi everybody,

The translation of an article about the Jewish Nursing Home originally published on the Vikna Odessa newspaper is available on the Institutions section of the Life in Odessa menu.
You can directly access it here

There are also some new images on the Postcards gallery and a new link I'd like to recommend you.
It's an article where Larissa Oshmyany, an Odessite who graduated from the Odessa Theatre and Art College, revisits the past and present of Odessa through images. The article is published here in russian or you can read the english translation by google directly from the links page.

As always, the translation of records on the Odessa Database project continues its normal way.


Ariel Parkansky
Odessa Town Leader

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