Sędziszów Malopolski Photos

    Submitted by Rhoda Green Photos taken July 1998


Sedziszów Entrance to the town.jpg (137243 bytes)

Entrance to Sedziszów.  The town is in what is essentially a farming community

Sedziszów Rhoda and map.jpg (154702 bytes)

Rhoda Green in front of map of Sedziszów

Sedziszów Cemetery and Obelisk.jpg (212252 bytes)

Sedziszów Jewish Cemetery with Obelisk in memory of the 400 Jews murdered on the site.

Sedziszów Rhoda in front of Town Hall.jpg (106273 bytes)

Rhoda Green in front of Sędziszów Malopolski City (Town) Hall with Monument and Rock  commemorating 500 years of settlement.

Sedziszów House.jpg (118761 bytes)

House on the main street.  The place was pretty run down.


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