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Kezmarok Coat of Arms

   Kežmarok, Slovakia

Also spelled or known as:

  • Kezmarok (without the special character)

  • Kesmark/Käsmark (German)

  • Késmárk (Hungarian)

  • Kesmarkium (Latin)

  • (Hebrew) קזמרק

  • (Yiddish) קעזמארק

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Location and Maps

Slovakia lies in the heart of Europe. Using Mapquest, you can see that Kezmarok is located toward the northeastern border of Slovakia, northeast of Poprad and south of the Polish border, at Latitude 49°8´, Longitude 20°25´. The current population of Kezmarok is about 17,000, and is located on the Poprad River.

Background Information

One can find information on the general history of the town of Kezmarok from various sources including the internet. Very few mention anything about the Jews who once lived there. The following section describes the history of Kezmarok as it pertains to the Jews who came to live there in the middle of the 19th century and onward.

Other Sources of Information

Contributors of Content

At the time this website was first created (10 December 2010), many people had contributed information, photographs, and letters, over the past 20 years that they had either from the time they themselves lived there (pre-World War II) or from their ancestors who once lived in or near Kezmarok. The contributors were related to some degree to Madeleine Isenberg who created this Kehilalinks page, in part as a memorial to our family who once lived in Kezmarok, and to so many who were killed during the Shoah.

The following is a list of the family names from Kezmarok that are common to these contributors. More family names may be added as more information comes to light. Family names from other contributors will be added as more information becomes available.

Kezmarok Family Names


The major contributor, not related in any way to the above, but who currently lives in Kezmarok and has been an invaluable source of information and support since 2004, is Mikulas Liptak.

Additional Contributors, Their Material, and Family Names

Since it came on-line, a few people with connections to Kezmarok have contacted Ms. Isenberg. They are listed below as well as their contributions. In some cases, they are asking the assistance of anyone who can help identify people in photographs.
Contributor Contribution and Link Family Names
Henrietta KESTENBAUM (Canada) Family photos, 1924, 1931 GLUCK, ROSENZWEIG
Amos Israel ZEZMER (France) Kezmarok Technical School Photo, 1934 SPIEGEL
Other names on the photo:
Esther LEVINSON (Israel) An Amateur Photograph and its Photographer, 1909 HOCHFELDER

Contributions in the form of assistance from Mr. Marshall KATZ in preparing these webpages, has been greatly appreciated.

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Updated 20 January 2012
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