Lida District (Uezd)

Today in Belarus

Vilna Guberniya 1842-1917

                                                                             Grodno Guberniya 1801-1842

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Every May, the Lida Holocaust Memorial Foundation holds a service in NYC
in memory of the mass murders that occurred in Lida on May 8, 1942
Check their web site for information.

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Some of us were told that our families were "from" Poland or from Russia or from Russian Poland or Lithuania.... and all by the same family. All were correct! (No one was born in "Guberniya", a geographical designation roughly equivalent to a province or state).    For a time-line of the political football played with what's now Belarus, click here.

To our ancestors,  the Hebrew alphabet was  the natural way to write their names.  On civil documents, other alphabets were used. Names were transliterated in  arbitrary, varying ways.  (Click on your browser's "back" button to return here).

Records Translation Projects updated 9/09 - funds still needed before data can be put online

Additional Revision Lists!

Judy Baston is coordinating a project to translate additional Revision Lists after 1858 More Details!  Names in Belitsa  Names in Eisiskes  Names in Lida Names in Nowy Dwor Names in Orlya Names in Ostryna  Names in Radun Names in Rozhanka Names in Sczczuczyn Names in Vasilishki Names in Voronovo   Names in Zhaludok    

LDS (Mormon) microfilm translation projects:

Judy Baston is coordinating a project to translate records from Novy Dvor, Orlya, Shchuchin, and Radun on LDS microfilm.  The results will be entered into the All-Lithuania Database.   
There  is an effort to translate the records filmed in Grodno and on LDS microfilm 2329356, Ostryna and Belitsa 1897-1900.  The translations will become part of the All-Belarus Database.  Contact me if you can help

These records were kept on a double page, with Russian on the left & Hebrew on the  right.  There were columns for the required data, so the linguistic demands are not high.  A few of these records have already been indexed and are available on this site.  You can see from the numbers involved here that the towns were small, so there aren't very many entries to work on;  once started, this should not be a huge project if enough people volunteer.

History of Lida District (Uezd)


Need some help reading Cyrillic? Russian translation sites come & go.  Do a web search to find a current one. will probably be less ephemeral than most.

Need to convert old Russian units?

Polish translation sites also change.  Do a web search to find a current one.

List of towns in Lida District

The localities are grouped into areas for ease of organizing material. Clicking on a locality name in this table links you to the proper area page. Once you've identified your area pages, bookmark them to avoid having to load the long list every time. The list may take some time to load. Please be patient.

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Eisiskes/Radun Iwje/Lipniszki  | Lida  |  OstrynaSzczuczyn  |  Voronovo Wasiliszki  |  Zaludok

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IAJGS Cemetery Project entries for Belarus.

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Archives Addresses,  including Lida Municipal Archive, the types of material they hold, and a comprehensive review of sources,

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