Pictures from Kamionka

All pictures were copied from a moving camera film which was taken by Lilian Frank during her visit to Kamionka in 1934. Captions by Ze'ev Sharon from Gerold Frank's narration to the film.
Copyright©2009  Ze'ev Sharon and John Frank



lilian and zelda in garden.jpg

Lilian Frank and Zelda Resnik                  

lilian in zlda's garden.jpgzelda in garden.jpg

 Lilian and Zelda in Zelda's vegetable garden                           

gerold on ladder.jpg

Gerold Frank on a ladder attached to the barn of the house where they stayed


zelda in kamionka cemetery.jpg

  Zelda visits a grave in the Jewish Cemetery in Kamionka

A head stone( matzeva) of most likely one of Resnik family,
In the Jewish Cemetery in Kamionka






Faces of Jews in Kamionka
Many are of Resnik  family

Most of the people you see perished in the Holocaust 8 years later))


 faces in kamionka 1.jpgfaces in kamionka 11.jpg

You can recognize Zelda by now

faces in kamionka 2.jpgfaces in kamionka 3.jpgfaces in kamionka 4.jpgfaces in kamionka 6.jpg




faces in kamionka 7.jpgfaces in kamionka 9.jpgfaces in kamionka 10.jpg

See Gerold at the left of the picture))


faces in kamionka 12.jpgfaces in kamonka 8.jpg



 More Jewish faces of Kamionka (most of them perished in the Holocaust 8 years later)





street in kamionka.jpg


street in kamionka 2.jpgstreet in kamionka 3.jpg

Scenes of Kamionka Street life


house in kamionka by zeldas garden.jpghouses in kamionka 1.jpghouses in kamionka 2.jpg

 Houses in Kamionka

houses in kamionka 3.jpghouses in kamionka 4.jpghouses in kamionka 5.jpg