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The Holocaust Period: The German army entered the town of Hrubieszow, Poland (also called Hrubieshow, Rubieszow, and Rubieshow) on September 15, 1939, and immediately organized a series of pogroms. Ten days later the Germans withdrew and the Soviet army occupied the town, but, after a fortnight, returned it to the Germans because of the Soviet-German pact signed. Over 2,000 Jews, having experienced the nazi terror, left together with the withdrawing Soviet army. The town's Jewish population diminished to 4,800 citizens by April 1940. However, no ghetto was established within town limits, and only small deportations to Hrubieszow were carried out during 1940-41. (The largest of these early deportations was the expulsion of 300 Jews from Kracow to Hrubieszow.) The first deportation from Hrubieszow to the Sobibor death camp occurred in June 1942, and the second in October 1942. After this, some 200 Jews were allowed to remain alive in a labor camp, their task being to clean out the houses of the murdered Jews, and help sent the contents on to Germany. They also had to bury the many Jews who, though in hiding, were eventually found by the nazis and shot. The final 200 Jews were sent to a forced labor camp in Budzyn, and most did not survive the war. Those that did were among the few children of Hrubieszow who miraculously survived the efforts against the Jews.


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Purpose Statement: The Hrubieszow Genealogy Group was founded in 1998. Its purpose is to further the Jewish genealogical efforts for descendants of the town of Hrubieszow in Israel, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. Many new activities are bound to develop as a result of this genealogy group. Among our projects, we hope to establish online translations of Hrubieszow town records (dating back to the early 19th century), expand our knowledge of the town's long history, and find information on our own personal family members. Further, with any luck, the group will establish a listing of Holocaust survivors from Hrubieszow, as well as a listing of those citizens of Hrubieszow who perished in the war.

Projects which have been completed since November 1998 include: the establishment of a complete and accurate town history, a Hrubieszow submission to the JewishGen Cemetery Project, a listing of Hrubieszow books, and a complete list of Jewish researchers descended from Hrubieszow families.

If you have any connection to Hrubieszow, I urge you to get involved! Finally, it is my sincere wish that the above information has been useful to you in your search to give the members of the town of Hrubieszow their "names" back. Thank you.


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